Tea Parties

If the fallout surrounding the American Health Care bill was any indication, you’d think that the States were about to have another Civil War. Comment boards on CNN are aflame with rant’s about Obama’s “Nazi socialist baby-killer”. Angry Mobs are literally spitting in the faces of congressmen. Protesters are marching on Washington with assault rifles. Is the great American experiment over? Will I have to start running an underground railroad to Canada for my Seattle friends out of my apartment?

I doubt it. America couldn’t possibly have just doubled its amount of populist right-wing hatred in one week. Washington is in no danger of falling under a coup d’etat. If anything, the media coverage of the Tea Party protesters is only cementing the Democrat hold on the government.

Still, the discourse over this health bill seems to be dominated by a bunch of paranoid red-necks who believe that Universal Health care is the work of the devil. Why?

There is one thing that the Tea Party goers have figured out that more centrist Republicans haven’t. Everyone else is too worried if they have their facts right or if they are going offend anybody. People without such filters are going to be commenting on more blogs, posting videos, and speaking to more people about their cause. They’re not going to convert anybody, but they are going to rally anyone who is sitting on the fence. When all it takes is an email or a blog post to express your views these days, we should be less concerned with making sure our opinion is correct and more concerned with expressing it in the first place.

One thought on “Tea Parties

  1. Sara

    The thing that always frustrates me on the Internet (and why you will sometimes hear me sighing as I surf the web) is how like minds attract like minds online. Now, I completely understand that those who think the same are going to be attracted to websites that support their beliefs. However, I feel my indignation increasing dramatically whenever I see one comment that respectfully and logically disagrees with the post countered by others who demean and ridicule simply because this person did not share their opinion. To me, this is almost a form of cyberbullying, where some form of technology is being used to deliberately intimidate someone. If we really want to have educated and enlightened debates then we have to start listening to the opinions of others and not dismiss them because their ideas do not fit within our pre-conceived notions of what is correct. This is probably a little too idealistic and “J.S. Mill” of me, but I really can see how continuous, respectful, and logical debate can lead us towards a better understanding of ideas that shape our world.

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