Day Zero Project

I heard about the Day Zero Project on an episode of the Freelanceswitch podcast. The idea is that you choose 101 goals to accomplish over the next 1,001 days, or 2.75 years. It’s not quite as morbid as a bucket list, but because it has a longer time frame than a New Year’s Resolution, it allows those goals to achieve some vision. Normally I keep away from motivational stuff like this. Having come of age during the “inner-child” obsessed 1990’s, I feel like I’ve been through enough goal-setting seminars to last a lifetime. As I searched through the various lists on the site, somehow it didn’t seem like the people writing them were just burning calories to feel good about themselves. The goals were all lofty, yet somehow practical.  It made me start to think of my goals. Next thing I knew, I had taken up three pages of a legal pad with all my future accomplishments.

It’s going to be quite the 1,001 days. At the end of it all, I’ll have learned 3 languages, 1 fluently, learned to play 3 musical instruments, and learned how to cook turducken, steamed pork buns, and moose.   Europe, Las Vegas, Haida Gwaii, New York and Portland better watch out, because Sara and I are going to take them by storm! It’s safe to say that not all of these goals will be completed, but that’s not the point. If we all plan on living life to the fullest, there is no harm in setting a few benchmarks. At the very least I should be able to perfect that Captain Planet cocktail.

My Day Zero Project list

4 thoughts on “Day Zero Project

  1. James Post author

    See, normally I’d let the numerous spam filters on this blog handle comments like this, but since you at least skimmed this post, let me say to you: You are peddling irrelevant goods and services here. Go away now.

  2. Melissa Quinn

    Quick question: do you mean “moose” as in large herbivorous quadreped or mousse, the fluffy airy dessert? I’m curious how they’ll taste either way, but I can’t begin to guess where to find the protein for the former. ^_^

    Good luck with the list! Sounds like there’s a lot of fun in store for you and Sarah.

  3. James Post author

    I mean “moose” as in the package of steak in my freezer that my sister gave me for Christmas. I’m told I’ll need to marinate it quite a bit before cooking it.

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