A wish for a Nice and Normal 2016

2015 started out normally enough. I managed to hold a programming job for all of two christmases, and we had saved enough to start looking for a house. The Seahawks lost the superbowl, which may have been an omen or something, but we were all too busy talking about the guy in the shark suit at the half-time show. It wasn’t easy getting our apartment out in the market. While it was spacious with 9 foot ceilings and granite countertops, it nonetheless was only a few blocks from downtown Abbotsford, which made buyers kind of nervous. Still, Sara and I had a lot of emergency cleaning sessions, and we had to hide out at our parents’ houses a few times while strangers were checking out all our stuff.

Trouble erupted when I was laid off at the end of May. I couldn’t even properly languish in self-pity since we had to keep the apartment clean for a showing that weekend. I had managed to avoid commuting for over 5 years, but it looked like I was going to go over the Port Mann bridge once again for my daily bread.

I had buckled myself in for a long an protracted unemployment, when in late July a job offer came into my inbox from a nice online ad company in New Westminster. My luck was about to rebound in a big way. The next thing I knew I was on a cruise yacht in English Bay with my new co-workers for their Summer barbecue. That same week, we found a buyer for the apartment – but we had to move out by the first weekend of September – right when Sara would be starting school!

The race was on to find us a new home. With our apartment sold, we didn’t have to put a “subject to sale” clause on our offer. At our next property tour, we found a nice home on a country main road. It was clean and well maintained, something that we found out was hard to come by when you are buying houses. What’s more, it had a basement. A bunker for Gavin and I to call our own!

We made our offer immediately. Surely, our days of emergency cleaning would be over! The call came on Friday. They had accepted an offer from another buyer. Sara and I tried to come to terms with a possible future in couch-surfing. On Sunday, we got another call from our realtor. The other buyer had called the real estate office, and said that they were retracting their offer due to a family emergency. The house was ours.

We managed to cram everything we owned into my parents’ garage, and for the next two weeks Sara, Gavin, and I lived out of my Parents house. In late September, we moved in. After 10 years of apartment living, I was in a house again.

After a lot of twists and turns, the Strocels have ended 2015 in a safe place with a double a garage and a fridge full of food. There is so much to be thankful for! Our family and friends have given us so much in helping us move. Sara is now team leader at her school, and I love my new job. Gavin is still learning and growing like any three-year-old should. 2016 might have its own hiccups, but for now, I’m just going to savour the present.